Thursday, August 25, 2011

Christmas came early (Thanks Burton!)

Everyone can shut the fuck up now and stop whining about the being no new shit on the stb because fucking macca has put in the hard yard for all the team and got some new content.

And its content like this gnarly Von zander greeting card from Burton which you can offload to your grandchildren when ever you feel a special event coming on.

Just print the prick (both sides you piece of shit) , fold along the doted lines and write some shitty shit that no one reads. Because no one Reeds anymore unless it's got chad in front of it

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'll make you sweat , I can bet

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Sponsor.

Think of the biggest name sponsor you could imagine... Then go one step bigger than that.
That's right- CoreXplorer has jumped onboard as a sponsor of BigHugs and the STB. The sponsorship originated with BigHugs rider Louis Macindoe's long term relationship with the shop, now extending its metaphorical arms to accordingly hug the BigHugs crew. Members of BigHugs will now be seen wearing generically branded products, as well as products from many snowboard brands we all thought (and hoped) became extinct in the late 90's.

Here, codename Triple J (team rider) shows off his new unbranded full face helmet and beaked goggles.

To pick up your own gear at up to 70% off retail prices, head on down to the Belrose Supa Centa. Namedrop the STB and you will go in the draw for your chance to win a free handwarmer!

The difference between Me and Jerry.

I can't fit into a pair of primary school shorts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Tom Reilly Interview.

Louis Macindoe >>>> Tom Reilly: ‎( Start of interview)

In the age of mass production , globalisation and consumerism , it seems society as we know it is turning into one giant cookie cutter producing the same thing over and over again and now something started to rebel against this is too conforming to these ways. Snowboarding , more than ever is starting to become somewhat of a machine , snowboard camps , picture perfect terrain parks and even in the style of riders. Whilst the future may seem slightly bleek and dramatic , there is hope found in one little boy - Tom Reilly. For riders like Tom or Tomo as what his friends call him , snowboarding is a creative outlet not bound by institution or perfection. We where lucky enough to corner Tom at the recent tradeshow and get his insight into why he still does this thing called snowboarding....

So Tom ,

SPONSORS! , What are they!

Elmcompany Dwd Australia, Matt Bland and Ilan Laws like this.

Tom Reilly> Hey Guys, my sponsors include Libtech boards and outerwear and tom munro for board waxes and ben zwolinski as general manager.. trying to find a deal with boots etc.

Louis Macindoe> Also take note , this interview needs to go to print within 12 minutes , so your haste is also much appreciated Tom

Tom Reilly> ok, sorry mate continue....

Louis Macindoe> You can hire boots now from Rebel Sport.And how many years have you done this snowboarding type sport?

Louis Macindoe> You need to refresh you page more , to get this interview more in sync

Tom Reilly> I have been in this sport for around a 15 years.. I have seen a lot change, I remember back in 97 when we used to ride around perisher

Elmcompany Dwd Australia> bahahaahaahaahaahahaahaa! i almost thought you'd left me out of sum loop here!!!! you kids make lose my shit on a daily basis!
31 minutes ago · Like
Louis Macindoe> ok too long on that question , next question

I see you in the park atleast 7 days out of a week riding park all day , recent statements made by you on Transworld's website quote "I consider myself a free rider , in the sense ' free' epitomises my relationship with the mountain , I feel I am at one both spiritually and physically with the mountain when I hope on my snow craft"

- Now my question is , how does a guy who I've snowboarded with a handfull of times , be 'at one' with the mountain and consider him self a 'powder hound' if he's riding the park everyday of the week , all day? Where do you find the time to do this so called 'freeriding'?

Tom Reilly> I find the time early morning and late afternoons, thredbo has a speacial program running where the open the lifts early for anyone seeking a freeride.. you must have the super platnium pass though. Its rainbow coloured.

Elmcompany Dwd Australia> is that why my tie dye one don't work?????? they fuckin screwed me again..... $2200 bucks!!!!

Tom Reilly> Hahahahahahahahahaha

Elmcompany Dwd Australia> nothins free @ thredbo.... cept maybe lunch!!!!! hahahahaha.

Louis Macindoe> Mines got a hologram on it with my face inside the hologram because i'm industry , in magazines and shit. I'm doing the interview here.

In recent reports , you've said you'll be ditching you rainbow thredbo pass you recived from Thredbo park buildsmen Charles Beckinsale for Bredbo's park maintained by Marcus Bekinsdale. You've always had a tight relationship with team mentoir and friend Jai West , how does it feel to be trusting Jai's long time rival Guy West grooming expertise at Bredbo's park for the 2011 season?
20 minutes ago · Like
Tom Reilly> Jai is da best!! Marcus sucks, i think im gonna hit thredbo back up for my rainbow pass.. Bredbo just anit doing it for me..

Elmcompany Dwd Australia> bahahahahah!

Louis Macindoe> You've had a good year on the competition circuit this year Tom , placing first at the Erina ESS rail jam with a ground braking new trick called the backside ham.

What where you thinking before jumping off the scafolding and into attempting the 'backside ham'?

Tom Reilly> You know, i saw ' travis rice' try it like two runs before me and i thought would give it a crack.. so much adrenalin.. but it paid off and i won the contest. I gave travis the trophy cause i felt bad that i snaked his trick.

Tom Munro> I hate you Louie

Louis Macindoe> Louis Macindoe failed to make the unsponsered final for this competition.

The nickname 'The Cat' has always followed you , Everyone says you've got 9 lives. This season was a reflection of that , slicing you finger open on your rail the first day back riding from a severe strain caused on a surfing injury over the summer and now your sitting in rehab with eye strain. How do you keep coming back for more? When do you'll think enough is enough?

Tom Reilly> I think watching the planet x games always keeps me pumped, seeing shaun, a close freind of mine, do what he does in the pipe always keeps me amped.

Louis Macindoe> Sweet , well Tom - thats all the time we've got for you. Please exit stage right.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Xander's Ride

STB recommends listening to the following tracks while reading this article. Feel free to sing along to the lines "Even if you don't like me, I bet you fall in love with my ride (my ride) my ride, got girls wanna be wifey, cause they fell in love with my ride (my ride) my ride"

Xander was recently watching an episode of MTV's Pimp My Ride. Xandz decided to emulate his long-term hero and host of the show, Xzibit, for the second time in his life (the first, of course, being when he gave himself a plagiarised new nickname, X-to-the-Z, throughout his high school years). Xandz pulled some industry strings and got himself a pile of stickers at a moderately discounted price, and pimped out his own ride. We captured Xzibit's reactions to Xander's makeover:

For more information on how to pimp out your ride on a budget of $50 or less, see next months issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Keen? Email

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kibs and an Unknown Mistress

Kibs was recently seen leaving the Banjo with an unknown individual.

Banjo staff security cameras revealed the following images:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Spit Roast...

"Is that when you do one in the mouth and one in the thingo?"

Jerry's Water Bombs by Sheridan Toys.

Jake Weston catches the L90

Saturday, September 4, 2010

STB Life Tips, Part 1.

When planning your next snow trip, never consider Mt Buller.

Weather forecast for the next 10 years: